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All India Outrage Day: Anger Against Demonetisation Disaster Spills Out On Streets

December 4, 2016

WITH EVERY PASSING DEMONETISED DAY, the distress of common people continues to mount. More than 80 people have lost their lives due to demonetisation. Farmers are suffering devastation, workers are losing jobs, and people are denied healthcare. But the Prime Minister has not displayed any interest in acknowledging the colossal disaster that demonetisation has proved to be. Instead of alleviating people’s suffering, he launched a self-serving ‘survey’ in a personal app, and promptly proceeded to claim that the app-survey showed that demonetisation had the approval of 92% of Indians. This, in spite of the fact that a mere 17% of Indians use smart phones and a tiny fraction of these participated in the survey, and moreover that the survey was designed to elicit only approving responses, failing to provide a ‘disagree’ option on its most crucial questions!



Long Live Fidel Castro!

December 4, 2016

CPI(ML) dips its flag in respectful homage to Fidel Castro Ruz, the iconic leader of the Cuban revolution and towering figure who inspired anti-imperialist fighters the world over.

Fidel Castro led the successful Cuban revolution that overthrew the repressive Batista regime, and defended the tiny nation of revolutionary Cuba in the teeth of successive US regimes that were determined to destroy it. Fidel himself triumphed over 600 assassination attempts by the CIA, passing away at the ripe old age of 90. It is ironic that the new elected President of the USA, Donald Trump, has branded Fidel ‘a brutal dictator,’ given that Trump’s own country, the supposed champion of ‘democracy,’ resorted to attempted assassinations of world leaders whose politics did not suit the USA.

Fidel’s own stubborn survival and resistance to murderous imperialists reflected the revolutionary grit and determination of Cuba itself and its people. Shackled by imperialist embargoes, Cuba still managed to create systems of universal healthcare and education that shame much more prosperous capitalist countries including its big-brotherly neighbour the USA. Not only that, Cuba stretched its own meagre resources to export free healthcare and education to other needy countries of Latin America and the world. With Fidel at the helm, Cuba also supported the anti-colonial struggles, practicing internationalism with all its might.

Fidel Castro’s life and legacy call to be celebrated, not mourned. Even after his passing, Fidel’s legacy will continue to inspire revolutionaries, socialists and anti-imperialists all over the world.

The red flag will fly at half mast at all CPI(ML) party offices to honour the memory of Fidel Castro.