Jan Ekta Rally to Commemorate 6th Death Anniversary of Com. Ram Naresh Ram

Jan Ekta Rally ( People’s Unity Rally) was organized in Piro on 26 October 2016 to commemorate the 6th anniversary of Com. Ram Naresh Ram, the towering figure of social change and founder of CPI(ML) in Bhojpur. The rally, attended by large numbers of poor, minorities and justice-loving people was organized on the issues of communal harmony, democracy and people’s rights. Party leaders Rameshwar Prasad, Mahboob Alam, Sudama Prasad and many others were present in the rally.

The rally organized was also to protest against the attempts of Sangh forces to incite communal frenzy in Piro on the occasion of Durga Puja and Muharram. It is to be noted that only CPI(ML) is openly protesting against the violence being unleashed against the minority community. Parties like the RJD, JD(U) and LJP were complicit in the BJP conspiracy to incite violence and riots. All these parties ran campaigns first against the minority community and then against the CPI(ML) and spread all kinds of rumours. In recent days, the Sangh forces focused on Tarari, the constituency of CPI(ML) MLA Sudama Prasad, and ran a conspiracy to spread communal poison and create enmity between dalits and Muslims in a bid to weaken the CPI(ML). They had tried a similar ploy in 2014 at Sahar during Laxmi Puja.

The Party countered attempts to vitiate the atmosphere by holding meetings from village to village followed by the Jan Ekta Rally on 26 October. The rally which was attended in large numbers by people including many from the minority community was able to lessen the fear which had been instilled in the minds of the minorities. The rally cautioned the rioters’ ideological nurturers- the BJP and RSS, that the CPI(ML) would take up cudgels against their communal hate-mongering. These initiatives by the Party broadened its mass base and left a deep impact on the minority community who understood that in times of trouble it is only the ML which stands by them. This rally not only strengthened the people’s unity by opposing the politics of communal division, but also exposed the opportunistic politics of the RJD and JD(U) on the issue of communalism.


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