CPI(ML) Statement on Bihar Election Results

8 Nov. 2015, New Delhi.

CPI(ML) warmly congratulates the people of Bihar for giving such a resounding verdict against the divisive politics and disastrous policies of the BJP and Narendra Modi. Bihar has spoken for the whole country, and this historic verdict will inspire and empower the range of ongoing struggles – of peasants, workers, students, writers, scientists and intellectuals – in defence of democracy. The Grand Alliance has of course emerged as the primary vehicle this historic verdict, but the people have also reposed their unflinching faith in the CPI(ML) and the other Left parties in their key areas of struggle.
The CPI(ML) also thanks the people of Bihar for returning the party to the Bihar Assembly with three seats. The CPI(ML) won Balrampur by a margin of 22000, Darauli by a margin of nearly 10000, and Tarari by a margin of 400 votes. In addition Left candidates have polled second and third on several seats. This improved performance of the united Left Bloc is a vindication of the Left’s unity and its agenda of pro people development, and a robust struggle for rights, justice and secularism.

Dipankar Bhattacharya,
General Secretary, CPI(ML) Liberation


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