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November 15, 2014

ML International Newsletter

November-December 2014

An update on news and ideas from the revolutionary left in India.
Produced by: Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation international team
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Table of Contents

1) Left Parties Press Release
2) Towards a Democratic Platform of People’s Struggles
3) Modi’s Cabinet: Green Signal to Crime, Corruption, and Communal Hate-Speech
4) Black Money and the BJP’s Double Standards
5) ‘Love Jihad’ Lie – A Communal-Patriarchal Hate Story
6) Mangala Apparels Workers’ Struggles in Delhi Continue
7) Resisting Communal Hate and Riot Mongering in Delhi
8) ‘Nyay march’ against Escalating Feudal Violence in Bihar
9) Protests against gang rapes and feudal violence in Kurmuri, Bhojpur
10) Water Supply and Sewerage Workers of Bangalore on the Warpath
11) Film Review: Haider
12) Red Salute to Comrade Geeta Das!
13) Red Salute to Comrade Shah Chand!