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June 29, 2014

July-August 2014

Table of Contents

  1. Resolution on Unity in Action in Defence of Democracy, Pluralism and People’s Livelihood and Rights

  2. AILC Statement: Protest the Massive Railway Fare Hike

  3. Modi Raj Begins – and Hard Times Kick In

  4. Bury Rajasthan’s Anti-labour Amendments in the Sands of Thar

  5. Lockout at Stump, Schuele, and Somappa: A Citizens’ Fact-finding Report

  6. Jute Workers’ Plight – And Resistance

  7. Badaun and Bhagana Rapes: Grim Reality of Gender and Caste Atrocities

  8. FIFA in Brazil: Ugly Exploitation Undermines Beautiful Football

  9. Socialist Alliance Conference in Australia