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September 4, 2008

September-October 2008

Table of Contents

1) Bihar Floods: Criminal Negligence, Not Divine Deluge

2) Bihar Floods: Relief Fund

3) Petition on Bihar Floods

4) Sangh Parivar Sets Orissa on Fire Again

5) Onslaught on Adivasis’ Land and Livelihood in Navin’s Orissa

6) CPI (ML) Condemns Crackdown on Protestors in Kashmir

7) Jammu and Kashmir: Urgent Need to Discard the Distorting Lens of Chauvinism

8) Jail Bharo (Fill the Jails) on August 20th, 2008

9) Mukhamukam ( Face to Face) with People’s Health in Caracas, Venezuela

10) AICCTU’s Seventh National Conference at Chennai

11) Greetings to Comrade Prachanda on Becoming Prime Minister of Nepal

12) Guest Workers in Australia: Are they Modern Day Slaves?