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March 2, 2008

March-April 2008

Table of Contents

1) No to the Indo-US ‘Logistics Support Agreement’

2) Aftab Ansari’s Story: Demanding Justice for Victims of Witch-hunts

3) Patan Reveals Pandora’s Box of Rape in Modi’s Gujarat

4) Saffron Experiment in Orissa Laboratory

5) The Parliamentary Left of Sri Lanka and the Nationalist Trap

6) Ganga Expressway : ‘Corporate Hitay, Sarvajan Dukhay’

7) Protest Against Land Grab at Nalanda

8) Draft Political Resolution for CPI(M)’s 19th Congress

9) ‘People’s Assertion Rally’ in Siwan

10) 7-yr Jail Term for Bant Singh’s Attackers

11) AICCTU Achieves Recognition as Central Trade Union Organization

12) Long Live Comrade Ramakant Dwivedi ‘Ramta’